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What is the NJCAA?? The NJCAA is the National Junior College Athletic Association and is a collegiate league that competes at a high level in different sports. Most student-athletes in the USA know it as JUCO and it is mainly a stepping-stone for those athletes that are not eligible for the NCAA or NAIA division. Also it is for student-athletes that are not as developed but have the potential to make it to a NCAA or NAIA school after they are done with the NJCAA system. A lot of international student-athletes think that it is a bad system to go through the NJCAA due to the academic system. The biggest problem for most international student-athletes is that they are not aware that they are able to transfer to whatever university you in the USA, as long as you have great grades and you’re athletic area is to the standard to what the coaches at these universities you want at.

There are many athletes that have gone through the NJCAA and have ended up going to well recognized universities like Florida State University, UCLA, University of Texas, The Ohio State University and many more. There are many student-athletes who have gone to be professionals in many sports going through the NJCAA league. Here are a few names that have went through the NJCAA to the NCAA, then to pro sports.

1. Cam Newton (Blinn College-University of Alabama) 2. Jimmy Butler (Tyler Junior College- Marquette University) 3. Tyson Gay (Barton County Community College- University of Arkansas)

I myself went through the NJCAA system and it has paid off. I needed up going to a NCAA Division 1 program for track and field and still hold a school record for the 4xmile. I have graduated and went on to get a Master degree and was still able to compete at a very high level in track and field. My biggest achievement was finishing 6th at the Canadian National Track and Field Championships in 2010 where in that year I was able to run 3:45 in the 1500m.

The NJCAA league is something that can really help you improve in your sport and if you are not as strong in your academics, then this can also help you as well. The NJCAA is not a bad idea at all.


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