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Tennis is one of the most competitive sports in the USA in order to get a scholarship. Majority of the scholarships are from international athletes. This being said it is important to start the process with our FAST as soon as you can. It is very tough to be able to tell you what kind of scholarship you can receive, as the university coaches are the one's that evaluate your individual skill and award you the scholarship that they think you are worth. We at FAST will provide you an idea of what kind of scholarship you may get but the university coaches make the final decision.


There are 929 men's tennis teams in all the divisions and 1113 women's tennis teams. But the difference is that each division has a certain amount of scholarships they are able to give to the athletes and below is a break down.


The training is set up differently for each coach. They will let you know the times you will have your training for the semester and when your competitions are. You will have practice 6 days out of the week and up to 20 hours of week of training. This includes the hitting practices, individual practices with the coach, weights and many other things.

The season starts in the spring semester from January to May. This gives you the chance to play some tournaments in the summer if you would like. Normally you have about 20-30 games in the springtime with about 4-6 games in the fall semester. If you are playing well, you have the option in the fall to play some futures in the USA that some universities allow you to play.

The coaches are certified coaches and are full-time coaches that are paid, by the university so they are there for the athletes to make them better.

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