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We talk about sports scholarships throughout our website, but here you will have have a break down about what it really means:


Scholarships are provided by American universities as an award of financial aid for a student to sponsor their education. Scholarships are awarded based on the level of athletic or academic abilities and the scholarship money is not required to be repaid. The scholarship is usually awarded for one year but in some cases there can be an agreement over four years between you and the coach. One example of why an athletic scholarship would not be renewed is if the student-athlete is misbehaving or being insubordinate. If rewarded, an academic scholarship can be reduced if the student is not performing to the required standard. If the athlete gets hurt the scholarship will usually not be reduced or canceled. 


There are two forms of scholarships that are awarded. There are a full scholarships and partial scholarships. Here is what is included in the scholarships:

1. Tuition, Room (Housing), Board (food) and books, 

A full scholarship usually covers the full cost. Depending on the scholarship situation of the university and team the money for the scholarships can be divided among team members to partial scholarships where only a percentage of the costs is being covered.

2. Athletic equipment & travel

The universities and coaches will provide their athletes with training and competition gear. On travel and competition days all expenses (bus or plane travel, accommodation, meals) are covered by the school.

3. Medical expenses

Most student-athletes are covered for medical expenses by the university but it usually only covers athletic injuries. This is why we recommend having some form of international insurance. You will have daily access to medical care and treatment by the athletic departments' athletic trainers and doctors.

4. Academic support & more

There is endless academic support for exclusively athletes. You have free access to tutors, computers, counselors, libraries, and many other things. 

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