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Getting a golf scholarship can take some time, but with FAST-US we will guide you through this process to make sure you are in the right university, the right coach and great group of other athletes. Each league/division has standards that each coach is looking for. We at FAST-US will evaluate your game give you an idea of where you can play and what kind of scholarship you can possibly get. 


There are 905 men's golf teams in all the divisions and 840 women's golf teams. But the difference is that each division has a certain about of scholarships they are able to give to the athletes and below is a break down.


The training is set up differently for each coach. They will let you know the times you will have your training for the semester and when your tournaments are. You will have practice 6 days out of the week and up to 20 hours of week of training at the university golf course. This includes the one-on-one coach and athlete training, video analyses, hitting, working on your short game, weights and many other things.

The season for start in the spring semester from January to May which you can have about 5-8 tournaments. In the fall there are about 5-6 tournaments that are played so they can just keep up with being ready for the main season in the spring semester. 

The coaches are certified coaches and are full-time coaches that are paid, by the university so they are there for the athletes to make them better.

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