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Ice hockey scholarships are very limited. The coaches are looking for players that have 2 more years to finish high school. At FAST-US we want to make that connection to the coaches for you as early as possible, so that way you have the chance to be able to get a scholarship and choose which university fits you best.


There are 163 men's ice hockey teams in all the divisions and 599 women's ice hockey teams. But the difference is that each division has a certain about of scholarships they are able to give to the athletes and below is a break down.


The training is set up differently for each coach. They will let you know the times you will have your training for the semester and when your competitions are. You will have practice 6 days out of the week and up to 20 hours of week of training. This includes on land training, practices, video analyzes, strength & conditioning and many other things.

The season starts in October and goes until late March early April, depending if the team makes it to the playoffs. The universities have a great support team with doctors, physiotherapist to make sure the athletes are staying healthy and getting stronger.

The coaches are certified coaches and are full-time coaches that are paid, by the university so they are there for the athletes to make them better.

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