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Getting a volleyball scholarship is a great opportunity as it is a faster way of being able to play professional volleyball. There are a greater number of scholarships for females then males as there are a lot more universities that sponsor female volleyball. The earlier you sign up with FAST-US the better chance you will have on choosing the university you want.


There are 142 men's volleyball teams in all the divisions and 1590 women's volleyball teams. But the difference is that each division has a certain about of scholarships they are able to give to the athletes and below is a break down.


The training is set up differently for each coach. They will let you know the times you will have your training for the semester and when your competitions are. You will have practice 6 days out of the week and up to 20 hours of week of training. This includes the practices, video, strength & conditioning and many more.

The season starts in the fall from August to until November and it can go until December if you make it to the playoffs. In the spring semester most teams have some friendly games against other teams. 

The coaches are certified coaches and are full-time coaches that are paid, by the university so they are there for the athletes to make them better.

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